Monday, December 06, 2004


Are Schools Really Changing?

America's Changing Classrooms Across "the nation, on the Web and in the home, classrooms are evolving beyond the traditional learning environment with alternatives that are no longer bound by geography and customary modes of operation."

I wonder why the field of education takes so long to change? This CNN site has timelines and information about how schools in the 21st century are rapidly changing with distance learning (videoconferencing), online and at home learning, digital information, visiting museums online, and charter schools all being implemented into school learning environments.
But if you really look around, is this type of learning really that widespread? Or is it only in isolated places or in isolated schools? If you look at your own school, is it universally in the 21st. century? Or are there some teachers with a vision to take their classes to the next level (or the next century for that matter?) On another note, who makes the call on whether it's advisable to move to the 21st century in education? What I mean is...we're in this century, therefore we have nothing to compare it to in the future; although we do have the past. Is this futuristic way of teaching viable for our students? What I do know is...I don't want to wait until the 22nd Century to find out if moving my students to the next level is a good move or not (I also won't be around to find out). So for those people waiting to see if new teaching methods are "good for our students" it's sometimes okay to TRY IT. And once you've tried it, share your findings. What I find most helpful is brainstorming with other faculty members about what works and what doesn't. Teachers really do try their hardest to pave the way for their students.

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