Saturday, November 27, 2004


You Won't Be Disappointed

Some of you have expressed interest in signing up for your free library card at the NYPL web site I can't begin to tell you the mega amount of databases available to you and your students for FREE. Anywhere you see the "little red house" icon once you get your card have access.
I'll give you an example of how valuable this card is. Last week I was sent an email question re: from a colleague requesting an author's bio that was virtually "NOT ABLE TO BE FOUND" online or in our library. And while I like to credit myself as being a very decent online researcher...not. Because I couldn't find the author's bio anywhere. Anyway I went to the New York Public Library site and poof...found it. And after speaking to a member of the staff at NYPL they do encourage people to use their site; all they ask is that PROPER CITATIONS are given. Hopefully, after the break, I'll be giving a K-F workshop on plagiarism (and how to avoid it) and citing sources. I'm still confused as to why databases cost so much money if they're available for free via nypl. Why do you have to pay for information anyway?

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