Monday, November 29, 2004


Watch OUT for The Phisher's Bait!

Dearest Colleagues...

Don't become bait for the latest online scammers called "phishing" see the webopedia definition. Here are some clear steps you can take to protect your personal data online and what to do if you receive a phishing e-mail: Wired Safety Explains In Detail Tips You Should Be Aware Of for you and your students. "Do not reply to any e-mail asking to verify your personal data. You will find that legitimate vendors and merchants do not send such requests via e-mail. Contact your merchant right away to ask for clarification of such e-mails. (This will also make them more aware of the range of such problems."
There are more helpful hints at the Wired Safety Website.

Take the Washington Post quiz to test your email knowledge. I didn't do that well.

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